With injuries such as groin pulls, muscle spasms, hip flexor strains and more it makes absolute sense to agree that pre-game training is a necessity.

The old adage of a jog and a stretch before a game is absolutely not the correct way to prepare a player for high intensity on-ice activity. In fact it is a detriment.

The Dynamic Warm-Up as developed by Athletic Director of Endeavour Sports Performance Eric Neeld, BSc, MS, CSCS revolves around a series of exercises designed to increase blood flow, body temperature, joint range of motion and neural drive to the working muscles. 

Setting up our Dynamic Warm-up program we take into account the following:

  1. Skating takes the knees and hips through a full range of motion in all directions

  2. Stickhandling and Shooting takes the shoulders through a similar range of motions

  3. Hockey involves forward, backward, lateral and diagonal movements

  4. The muscles around the knees, hips and shoulders are the most important to decrease injury risk

  5. Thus Core training is an important function of the pre-practice, pre-game warm-up ensuring that the athletes put in maximum effort in this area.

The Warm-up

There are 15 elements involved in the off-ice warm-up centering around:

  1. The knees, strength and flexibility

  2. Groin, hamstring, (lateral, backward and forward movement,) straight legged march

  3. Speed of foot and legs, stride length, flexibility and sprints(two speeds) from push-ups.(back pedal and forward acceleration) 

  4. Shoulders, strength, reach and flexibility

This dynamic warm-up is performed in a thirty minute period prior to the players getting ready for their on-ice activities.

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